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  1. A General Overview Of The Nigerian Court's Assistance In Arbitration Proceedings Under The Arbitration And Conciliation Act.... Download

  2. A Critical Look At The Difference Between Taxation And Revenue Law.... Download

  3. Critical Analysis of The Capital Allowance Regime under Petroleum Profit Tax Act 2004 (2014) .... Download

  4. An Overview Of The Impacts Of International Law On Petroleum Development And Regulation In Nigeria .... Download

  5. Challenges Encountered by a successful party in The Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in States and Federal High Courts in Nigeria-- (2014) Download

  6. The Technique And Process Of Applying Choice Of Law Rules In Interstate And International Conflict Of Laws .... Download

  7. The Enforcement Of Foreign Arbitral Awards.... Download

  8. An overview of the Evolution of Criminal Arbitration and plea bargaining in Nigeria .... Download

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